The Poland.Business Harbour programme

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In this article you will find out:

  • What is the Poland.Business Harbour programme?
  • What are the benefits from participating in the PBH programme?
  • Who can apply for PBH visa?
  • Why is it worth choosing Poland as a country suitable for business relocation?

The Poland.Business Harbour programme was launched in September 2020, it aims to enable IT specialists and businesses operating in areas of strategic importance related to the transfer of new technologies, start-ups an small, medium and large companies to move their business to the teritory of the Republic of Poland. Originally, the programme was provided for citizens of Belarus, in the following months it was extended to include citizens of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. From 5th September this year, the programme does not contain nationality restrictions – which means it is available to businesses and individuals from around the world, regardless of their citizenship and country of incorporation/registration.

What are the benefits of joining the Poland.Business Harbour programme?

First of all, a new type of visa has been created – visa D23 PBH, which allows you to start working on the territory of the Republic of Poland without the need of obtaining the work permit. Obtaining a visa allows you to set up a sole trader on the terms applicable to the Polish citizens, as well to obtain a visa for the members of your immidiate family. Children continuing their education in Polish schools will have a right to additional lessons of Polish language in order to assimilate them in Poland. Moreover, participants of the PBH programme may count on facilitation of the contact with accecelerators, local governments as well as with Special Economic Zones. The last of them joined and took active participation in the programme by offering: temporary office and residential space for relocated people and their families, support in connecting entrepreneurs with investors and grants for „B+R” activities. The programme also offers support in the business concierge formula as part of cooperation with Polish Investment and Trade Agency. The programme supports the relocation of employees to Poland by simplyfying the procedure of obtaining visa by foreigners.

Who can apply for PBH visa?

IT specialists, start-ups and small, medium and large enterpries from around the world may apply. The visa is issued for a period of 1 year and entitles the holder to travel to the other countries of the Schengen area and to travel to home country.

Specialists from the IT industry, but also industries operating in areas of strategic importance related to the transfer of new technologies, are subject to the so-called simplified procedure of obtaining visa regardless of their citizenship. The only need to demonstrate that one of the partner companies of the programme is interested in providing employment to them and have at least one year experience in IT industry or technical education in IT industry. Whether the given investment is strategic for Poland, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency decides, assessing each application individually.

The application should also include information about the intention of obtaining visas for the members of the immidiate family.

Start-ups applying for visas for employees must obtain document confirming their qualification for Poland Prize programme.

Small, medium or large enterprises, must obtain document confirming their qualification for Polish Investment and Trade Agency programme.

Why is it worth choosing Poland?

First of all, due to the geographical location and direct access to the sea, which allows the export of products both to the east and west, by the sea and land.

Poland is characterized by a relatively low level of taxation (CIT nad PIT) to the other countries in Europe.

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If you are an IT specialist, start-up or small, medium or large enterprise and would like to take part in Poland.Business Harbour programme – contact us. We provide legal and tax support and advise on the relocation of business to Poland.

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